After more than ten years of overseeing the audio/visual requirements for the General Conference for the United Pentecostal Church Int’l, we made a very wise decision to appoint Kevin McManus the Event Producer for the annual conference. We work in a different venue each year and face new challenges each year. Kevin’s methodical and efficient approach to each and every detail is assuring us that we will have the best possible production for each and every service.

I have found Kevin McManus to be very loyal, thorough, and dependable; even with hectic schedules. His knowledge of equipment needs and capabilities are unsurpassed. I can recommend him without reservation.

T. M. Jackson, Senior Executive Administrative Assistant
United Pentecostal Church International

Over the years I have been in many different venues and arenas around the country and I have always been very pleased with the way that Kevin and his crew run not only their sound but the way they are organized and are prepared. I have grown to appreciate Kevin as a professional but also as a friend and person of excellence. I have also been in churches that have been set up by Kevin and his crew and I am always impressed with the professionalism in which he does his work.

Mark Condon

Kevin McManus could be referred to as the "it" guy for all Christian audio/video production. We often refer to these kinds of people as gifted and different. Occasionally this talent culminates with someone that understands God and the need to capture that "moment" that we are so blessed to experience occasionally. When we have immense talent on the stage, we MUST have someone that understands how to mesh the raw energy into that wonderfully anointed, finished product. I would trust Kevin in any setting to deliver a stellar product that makes us all proud!

Kathy Crabb Hannah--The Crabb Family

After working with Kevin McManus and Nashville Teleproductions on several projects now, I would like to express what a joy it is to work with people of such Honesty, Integrity, and Knowledge, We are proud to have Nashville Teleproductions as a representative of our company and products.

Joe A. Allen
Account Executive
Perdue Acoustics

The Rock Church new sanctuary was beautiful and spacious, but the sound was horrible. Upon contacting Kevin McManus, he provided solutions which we approved and were then implemented. The results are pretty radical. We have gone from muddled, frustrating sound, to crisp, easy-to-hear-and-understand sound throughout the sanctuary. The bonus is that the appearance of the acoustic panels also became a very warming, positive aesthetic touch. The second bonus is that the whole project was surprisingly economical. All to say, Nashville Teleproductions provided us a real solution to a difficult challenge.

Bishop Nathaniel J. Wilson,
The Rock Church Sacramento, California

Going into our building project, it was a great comfort to me, knowing Kevin McManus was going to design and coordinate our audio and video needs. Now that we have been up and running for about two years, I realize even more how valuable Kevin was. We are still very happy with his work!

Pastor Ron Becton ,
First Church, Nashville, TN

It was indeed a total pleasure to have the privilege of working with both Beverly and Kevin McManus during the taping of the United Praise project. We have worked with several recording studios through the years but our experience with Zion Music Group was by far the most rewarding. Through the entire project, I was deeply impressed with the superb “hands on” job that the total McManus team used. Kevin as well as Beverly are perfectionists, however, they have an incredible knack at helping each artist to feel as relaxed as possible under the circumstances, but still produce to the very best of their ability. You will only be totally pleased with any project that is produced by Nashville Teleproductions.

Hugh Rose,
Harvestime Narrator and Soloist